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Russian Keeper?

September 7, 2009

According to the Daily Mail, United are targeting Russian goal keeper, Igor Akinfeev, 23, Who is Currently playing for CSKA Moscow, So we will be able to see the lad play against us in the Champions league Group stage!

The reds are about to prepare life without Edwin Van Der sar, who is set to retire at the end of the season, though No decisions are yet made. If Foster does get injured like VDS, who are we gonna use then? (NOT KUCZACK)

Though I think Foster is will be our no.1 sooner rather than later, Buying this keeper would be sensible. After all I don’t think Kuszack is any good.

Its also mentioned that United might have to face competition from Europe’s top clubs.

A trade wont be too bad! After all the pole is considering his Future at OT. I’m not sure if the keepers any good to be honest. I’m pretty sure he can be better than Kuszack!  That’s what you get for buying keepers from teams such as West Brom!

All this might not happen though! After all the Stupid French team are making stupid Alligations and Reports that we ‘Stole’ the keeper. Though United said a few times they took him by following the Uefa Rules.

Whats the deal with Uefa and Fifa? Why do they hate the English clubs so much?!? Did hitler create them!?

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