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England Rivalry- Part 2

September 9, 2009

This is England Rivalry Part 2. Part 1 was from RoM-the blog. Now this ones from the prideofmanchester. I was a England Fan once, but not that big just liked to follow and watch them play. After I read this it totally changed my mind, I learned about the Republik of Mancunia, and started hating England!- Once a red always red.- Never to support any other except the Mighty REDS!

It’s hard to say when the rivalry between Manchester United and England fans started, although it certainly pre-dated United’s recent success and, without doubt, has grown more ferocious since 1994 to the point where England fans refuse to honour a minute’s silence for those that died at Munich, including 5 England greats.

Whilst the anti-England songs definitely get a more passionate airing against small time clubs, who easily get wound up by them, there’s virtually never a game to go by without one chant directed towards the national team.

For many non-Mancunians, it’s puzzling as to why such a rivalry exists, especially as more England caps have been given to players from United than any other club. You could write a whole book about the two-way hatred, however the most obvious examples include the whole of Wembley Stadium singing “Stand-Up If You Hate Man U’ on regular occasions, despite England’s best players being United stars. This song was sang louder than ever when England played at Old Trafford and, worse still, in 2001, when seven reds played in the same England team against Albania. The singing didn’t stop even after both Scholesy and Andy Cole scored.

Even those Little Inger-lund-ers who, after booing the opponent’s national anthem, worship the likes of Rooney and Beckham when playing in white, are the first to abuse them passionately when they wear the red of United. Beckham even received death threats from England supporters after being sent off against Argentina, whilst United fans stood by him. And then of course, there’s United’s new Number 7, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has twice broken England hearts to the delight of non-patriotic reds.

United fans could never really support the likes of Alan Shearer, Robbie Fowler or Steven Gerrard, whilst Stevie Coppell (Nov’81) and Neil Webb (Sep’89) both had their United careers cut short through injury whilst on national duty. Then of course there was Captain Marvel, Bryan Robson, who seemed to pick up a major injury every time he played for England.

England managers helped give United fans a laugh, Darren Anderton was preferred to David Beckham in the 1998 World Cup, Emile Heskey to Andy Cole and perhaps most amazingly, one of United’s greatest ever players, Steve Bruce, never received a single England call up! Maybe that explains why United fans have never really been patrioc, although many people point simply to the Manc attitude, the chip on the shoulder, the cocky Ian Brown / Tim Burgess swagger.

Maybe as a result, European away trips are usually a far cry from those endured by Ing-er-lund’s often racist, jingoistic hooligans (usually wrapped in their Stoke, Leeds, Millwall, West Ham, Bolton, Stockport or Man City flags). European Cup draws tying United with German opposition normally receive equally jingoistic headlines from the British tabloid press, without actually reflecting the truth that United fans and those of Bayern, Dortmund and Stuttgart actually get on fine and have shared some fantastic Oktoberfest drinking & singing love-ins prior to previous games.

Chants of ‘Argentina!’ long preceded Juan Veron’s signing, ‘We Are Manchester – Not England’ flags traveled across Europe with the red army well before 1999, and ‘The Republic Of Mancunia’ was born many years before a banner in the Stretford End declared so. That famous United fan, Ian Brown, once sang, “There are no lions in England”. That’s certainly true in the red parts of Manchester!

Now, a lot of you who thought The Republik Of Mancunia is just a Manchester United blog, its not.!Its to show and tell people where mancs who are United fans live, the Republik of Mancunia (Manchester) they are not ENGLAND.(just pointing it out to the people who dont know this, Quite a few infact).

There WC qualifiers tonight, I’ll be watching a few of ’em. Hoping England lose against Croatia. AND if anyone Rooney gets injured, there are gonna be problems! Not just Rooney anyone who’s playing for Country! Its Club before country.

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  1. September 9, 2009 6:46 pm

    If only more people read this. I am no nationalist and I couldn’t care less about my country, let alone England. I don’t see why any United supporter should.
    Most people I meet go on about how Foster should keep instead of Kuszczak because he’s English and personally, I think that’s preposterous. Kuszczak should keep because he is simply BETTER.

  2. Malik from pakistan permalink
    September 9, 2009 7:59 pm

    I think alot of ppl already read? anyways I disagree with u there kieth Miller, Foster is better wether he england or no england. I always hate britian ppl i like manc only 🙂

  3. aig alex is god permalink
    September 10, 2009 6:44 am

    its a tricky one this issue.some players feel representing your country is the ultimate pride.just saw the game last night and was good to see Rooney getting along so well with everyone else inspite of the fact that most of the players play for rival clubs.of course United >>>>>>>>>> England no doubt about that,but when it comes to your country every player feels that he wants to do something and lead his country to glory.Because i am not from England i am least bothered about what the national team does but try telling wazza this and he will disagree and say both are equally important.

    • super saiyan goku 4 permalink
      September 10, 2009 9:21 am

      I agree, with u. But wazza loves his club alot!

  4. September 10, 2009 4:57 pm

    I have never read such shite in my life

    I support United..passionately. I pay hard earned money to watch them. But to say there is a Man Utd V England thing is just bull. Supporting club and country are totally different. Im proud of my Manc roots but im also English..therefore internationally speaking i will want England to win

    Until United are eligible to play in a World Cup Finals that will always be the facts

    Dont kid yourself that loving United means you have to hate England…

    • manutd08 permalink
      September 10, 2009 6:13 pm

      Yes I understand where ur at. but what about the Chants that rounds the WHOLE wemble stadium… “Stand up If U hate Man U”…Dont say only the Pool,Leeds,Chelski etc etc fans only sing it! because it rounds the whole stadium not just a part of it! I only support and Follow one team!

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