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Spurs VS Man Utd: Match Ratings*

September 13, 2009


Foster- 6 Made a brilliant save, was active all the time. Made a brilliant save to keep a United in the Match

O’shea- 6 Had very little to do, had a decent game though.

Ferdinand- 7 He was Solid, couldn’t have done much to do about the 1st goal, Good return though.

Vidic- 8 As always solid as always The commentator quoted “When Ever the Ball goes in the box Vidic will head it I think I should get a voice recorder of that”

Evra- 9 there were arguments if he could handle Lennon, He did very well, he showed some of the Ronaldo skill, Got even more evolved when Scholes was Injured

Anderson- 8 like his  Kit number! had a good game, scored his 1st though was not that involved, still played good.

Fletcher- 8 He’s really turning out to be the new ‘Keano’ still a lot to do, played brilliantly

Scholes- 7 was having a good game, though the Red Card, played good- We still know he can’t tackle, Or maybe he’s still to rough!

Giggs- 7 Like the others played very well, His goal bought United back! An amazing freekick

Berbatov- 8.5 Was absolutely Classy! Dropped into the gaps he was tearing apart the Spurs defence, should have scored. Was sacrificed to bring on Carrick

Rooney- 9 Right after the Red Card ran straight To Fergie to know his new role. Played absolutely amazing took on the defence by him self!

*Subs not counted
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  1. aig alex is god permalink
    September 14, 2009 11:14 am

    agree with the ratings.scholes shoulkd not have been sent off.but as SAF said his reputation goes against him.huddlestone is a cheating cunt.

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