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Sparky Not Sparking

September 18, 2009

Manchester Shitty Manager & once upon a time United hero has now been speaking against United & Fergie more than ever! He was no good at Blackburn & now he joins City, gets money buys well known players and is a good coach? losing the love of the United fans, insulting Fergie in various ways has now again spoken about how United have not started well.

Well sparky ain’t sparking anymore! He has talked about how bad a start United made and also said the 3-1 game against Spurs was the only good game we had (I will be getting to that).

Fergie described the poster of  Tevez  ‘welcome to Manchester’ as being naughty. Hughes just laughed! Is he the player who once use to be a fans’ favorite at Old Trafford?

he said:  

“It does seem to have really upset Sir Alex for some reason,”  smiling at his press conference in Manchester today.

“But I don’t know, we’ll just take it as a little bit of flattery, because obviously in recent years, and for a number of years, City haven’t really affected the thinking of Manchester United to any great extent. Possibly that’s changed now.

“I’ve watched a number of their games. I don’t think they’re playing as well as they did last year. They played well against Tottenham  – I think that’s their stand-out performance. Prior to that, I think they’ve been below par.”

Now has he forgotten the start his team made? Scrapping 1-0 victories, and now they  beat Arsenal 4-2 they have every right to slam United on their start?  United have started better than them if it was not for that game against Burnley. And if shitty lose against United they have made exactly the same start United have ( if they go on to win the next game).

HE can say all this shit after the game not before!  After all United are going to the game as favorites.City Starting off with 7 strikers now having 1 or 2 just shows their buying skills in the transfer window!

I hope he has not forgotten City have not won a trophy in almost 34 years now! And even if they win the Manchester derby (which they will not!) United are still the better team in manchester- and one of the best in europe.

I also wonder if  he remembers why he’s so famous?

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