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So You Can’t Celebrate Anymore?

September 22, 2009

According to the Gaurdian, Neville might be in line for a one-match ban! So what does this mean? You Can’t celebrate anymore? Football is surley losing it’s attraction, It just show’s that a player can’t show his love for the club. I knew the UEFA & FIFA were losing it, but now The FA too?

Neville was an unused substitute. He ran the length of the touchline to the corner of the ground where the shitty supporter’s sit . Several City supporters have apparently complained that he mouthed obscenities at them, whilst Blues manager Mark Hughes has accused Neville of acting like “a lunatic”.

The right-back has been in trouble of this kind before, picking up a £5,000 fine and a warning over his future conduct after a similar incident with Liverpool fans in 2006 – something he seemed to remember as he returned to the dugout on Sunday after changing his celebration dance into a warm-up routine, as if he was about to go on. United had already used their three permitted substitutes by then.

That warning has prompted the FA to examine his behaviour on Sunday a little more closely, and if found guilty of misconduct, Neville will face suspension and a possible fine.

A lot of Owen picture’s are popping out! Probably a banner is on it’s way, eh?

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