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Who Are Ya?

September 27, 2009

by Robbie Melaet

Zabeleta has called United fans not smart and not genuine for Booing the twat from argentina- Carlost Tevez.

Tevez walked out to an extremely hostile reception last week in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford with United fans constantly booing him during the game.

The Argentine striker was unperturbed by the negativity and went on to torture his former teammates with his incisive and tireless running.

Speaking to Mirror Football, Zabaleta said: “Carlos wasn’t surprised the United fans were unhappy with him at Old Trafford – but he feels it proves he made the right decision,

“The United fans blame Carlos but they should not because he was happy there. He wanted to stay and it was difficult for him to leave. But United missed their chance. And when it became clear City wanted him more than United did, his decision was made.

“Carlos has always been a player who gives his team 100 per cent.”

Zabaleta used the West Ham fans as a comparison to the Red Devils.

“He helped West Ham to stay in the Premier League and the fans still love him there and he respects them.

“He gave United everything as well. He won the Premier League for them and the Champions’ League.

“He helped them be successful. To be treated as he was at Old Trafford made him understand he made the right choice when he came to City.

“Now, Carlos knows the fans weren’t genuine. He felt it was not his fault he left the club.”

He also exclaimed his disgust at claims that Tevez moved to the Eastlands for money.

“People say Carlos joined because he wanted money. No, Carlos came here because he saw this was a club that would reach the top very quickly,” he said.

“The City fans love him. They love him even more because he rejected United and now he wants to make history in blue.”

I don’t know if you,Zabaleta heard but the city fans sing “Carlos Tevez is a blue he hates ‘munichs’ “. Shut up and get a position in the starting 11 in your beloved citeh then talk!

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