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Long CL Home Record Extends

October 1, 2009


United’s long Impressive home record continued last night, they have been unbeaten at home in the Champions league for four and a half years now, and there’s nothing VFL Wolfsburg could do about that.

Wolfsburg started the game brightly and for the 1st 15-20 minutes, they had several chances to take the lead, but failed. The shots were really week and powerless, and our defending was not solid. Their shots came straight to Kuszack, so the polish keeper was yet to be tested this season.

Owen started this game, and Capello was watching, yes he was! But then came back his old days, his past came back and did it! Yes that can mean he got INJURED, I felt really sorry for him, as cappelo was watching. But him coming off was the best thing that happened to us. Berbatov came on and was playing sensational! If he could play like that always, he would make Drogba, Benzema, Adebayor, Tevez etc look like a girl. Berbatov’s touches were amazing, and he gave an amazing ball to rooney, where Wazza scored but the goal was ruled offside, but replay’s showed The bulgarian was onside.

Berba coming on totally chang ed our game. He set up Carrick with an amazing pass (pure amazing vision) and Carrick was 1-on-1 with the keeper but he managed to fuck it up. That turned out to be the best chance of the game or atleast the 2nd half.

The 2nd half started with them attacking, got a corner as early in the 2nd half. Came to nothing. Later in the 2nd half, they surprised almost everyone in the 2nd half, scoring from a good header,Dzeko getting above Evra. 1-0 to the Visitors. But after that the boys attacked like anything! The crowd was urging them, chanting “Attack Attack, Attack”. United got a freekick in a dangerous area, as now we like to say it, in an Giggs area.

GOALL!!! I went up, and said to my self, “My God Giggs”. Though It did have a huge deflection, can Giggs play any better at this age?

United were continuing to threat the Wolfsburg defence, and the 2nd goal came through a good play, Rooney passed it to berba he controlled it beautifully, gave it to giggs, but he could’nt tee up a shot. He passed to carrick, outside the box, Carrick Takes the shot, and makes up for his 1st miss. It was an amazing goal, curled in- shot beautifully!

Ended 2-1. United’s record contuniued, 6 points. Too good for our group (H).

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