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Who Are Liverpool?

October 6, 2009

Patrice Evra, A player who has been Flying the Red flag really high, and now he keeps on doing it! Liverpool has went and said Liverpool are not a team to concern about much more, He says the trip at stamford Bridge is bigger and Better

Evra Said,  “Chelsea away is the game I always want to win more than any other. If we win there it sends out a message to all the top four. There are other important games, such as we need to do well against Liverpool after losing 4-1 at home to them last season. But if you ask me to choose one game, I’ll pick Chelsea away.”

Well Liverpool surely lost their chance to win the league, the last team to lose 3 games so early in the league, and still win it was… MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

United 2 points behind Chelski, travel to the stamford Bridge at November 4th, a fortnight before they play Liverpool. Pressure? Not According to Evra.

Last time the reds went to Stamford Bridge they picked up a point, but I think United deserved the 3, though Chelsea were dominating the 2nd half, just missed our chances! But We Showed ’em who’s boss in OT winning 3-0 :D.

Sorry I have not been able to write much recently, so much studies, and they I get carried away playing fifa 10! Lol.

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  1. October 12, 2009 8:01 am

    I feel both United and the scousers are in the same boat, both are struggling to impose their football, with latest poor show for United against Sunderland, while the scousers were defeated 2-0 in CL and against Chelsea. No need to mention United will have to face both Chelsea and Liverpool, and if they do get past these 2 tests then we can judge if United are indeed back in business or not, but of course all games played in the meantime will also account for that 😛

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