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What A Week!

October 21, 2009

It has been a spectacular week so far for United! Winning their games, but most importantly Chelsea lost to put United back at the top! And liverpool kept on losing and losing, courtesy of a Balloon or should I say a beach ball! Which A liverpool fan threw, a kid to be telling you the truth… Why not read our last post where Ziaul Hassan makes comedy out of it, with an Exclusive interview 😛

Liverpool lost again, 1-2 at home to Lyon, another Big spender in Europe. I can’t believe they were the pundits favorite to win the league, it’s a joke! Them finishing in the top 4 or above Sunderland or Aston Villa will be hard to believe.

Well better news, Gerrard got of injured just playing 25 minutes! Though it won’t be fun without Stevie Me playing on Sunday, We know how many excuses the Scouse bastards can make.

If you’re a traveling fan, don’t forget to take a Liverpool beach ball (I wonder if it’s on sale at the Mega store in OT?Lol) also Take along you voices.

Chelsea will be hoping to go back to the top but that’s just a dream but I think they themselves know Liverpool beating us now is far away from reality, after all they did lose to a Lyon without  Benzema and Juninho two of their best players last season who left, as you know.

I am having a hard time concentrating on tonight’s match with the weekend coming up! It’s really hard, but I just keep on thinking about the time we last went to moscow, Good times :).

United should field a strong squad, putting Roon on the bench along with Vidic if he does have a bad injury, oh and btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIDA!

He is looking for the Perfect Birthday, with a win at Moscow, would love to see him score most importantly play!

Michael Owen Probably will get another start along with berba, who paired up a good Partnership in the last match. Michael Carrick should surely get a place, Darren Fletcher not to start as he is a doubt, should keep him fit for Sunday. Giggs is also another one Who won’t start. Valencia and Nani should start at the wings, with Ando and Carrick at the centre. Rio is to  show his best, where VDS said he will help him. Evra might be fit in time, and I would like to see W. Brown starting albeit Neville and O’shea has been playing good.

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